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My mother, Rike, was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, where I spent my summers as a child. My Oma (grandmother) would dedicate her mornings to preparing the quintessential Austrian lunch, and she always wore a "Hauskleid" or housedress. It wasn't about being chic, but rather practical and comfortable.

In my 40s, as I became a parent and co-launched Milk Street with my husband, my focus shifted to spending more time at home, caring for my kids, and seamlessly managing work. This inspired me to create Rike & Co because I desired my own Hauskleid.

Rike & Co is a line of aprons and Hauskleids that you can wear while cooking, entertaining guests, playing with your children, gardening, running errands, and much more.

Enjoy your meal, or as we say in Austria, "Mahlzeit."

-Melissa Baldino, Founder